The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

Posted on September 22, 2020

When hot-shot surgeon Dr. Bill Cortner and his girlfriend Jan Compton are involved in a crash speeding to Bill’s remote house in the middle of nowhere Bill is flung from the car, alive and uninjured. Unfortunately Jan does not share the same fate. Upon making his way back to the car in hopes of finding Jan alive Bill’s hopes are dashed when he discovers her lifeless body still strapped into the passenger’s seat. Reaching in to grab something from the wreckage, Bill wraps it in his jacket and makes a run for it to the secluded house where he is greeted by his friend and former fellow surgeon, Kurt.

Bill is determined to save Jan’s life and thanks to the horrific experiments he has been conducting on stolen medical cadavers over the years he has been able to create a serum that is capable of bringing the dead back to life. There is only one problem, the only part of Jan he was able to salvage from the wreck was her severed head! Using the serum, Bill is able to bring the severed head back to life and is determined to keep it alive long enough to find a woman who would make the perfect body to attach it to.

Jan, horrified at what has become of her, wants nothing more than to be allowed to die and she is determined to not let Bill harm anyone else; even if it means soliciting the help of a monstrous failed experiment Bill has kept locked away in a closet…

My Darklings, I bring to you THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE

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